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SOS Children's Villages

We want all children to have a secure childhood. Since 2014, we have partnered with SOS Children’s Villages to help children at risk around the world. SOS Children’s Villages is a global children’s rights organisation working to give children a secure, safe and caring home.

Photo: Maja Brand

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Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Since 2000, Panduro has partnered with the Children's Wing and Louisiana Learning at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark. The Children’s Wing is a three-storey wing to the museum where children from 4 to 16 can express their imagination and creativity. Panduro sponsors materials, but Louisiana decides which materials are to be made available. Louisiana adapts the activities in the Children’s Wing to current exhibitions.

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Henie Onstad Art Center

Since 2017, Panduro has sponsored the Labben children’s art workshops at Henie Onstad Art Center outside Oslo, Norway. This sponsorship is similar to the sponsorship of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

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